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Building Services Edmonton, N9


Edmonton, N9 is the district where our prominent builders extend customer’s homes, install bathrooms and kitchens, and covert basements and attics. We have a great reputation and lots of experience. Our skills are very sharp and we improve and develop ourselves day by day.

We will make the impossible to meet your criteria and high standards, and we promise to make your home safer and more secure. It may be a good idea to speak to our telephone staff to get more details about our service before you book one. Get in touch with us either by phone or via our website.

Building Mates:

  • Loft Conversion and Roofing
  • House Extension Services
  • Conservatory Construction
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting
  • Home Refurbishment
  • Various Building Projects

Builders in Edmonton

Builders in action

If you want to have your home or property for rent improved with more living space, you can rely on our trustworthy and professional builders. They can offer you the loft and basement conversion you need, extending your house with additional structures, conservatory and shed construction, bathroom and kitchen fitting. Whichever of these services you need, our builders will create for you in the most preferred date and time. Our company is located in Edmonton, N9 and works seven days in the week, including at the holidays. Use our call centre to order the services of our builders to make the renovations you need.

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    Building Mates Edmonton, N9

    Building Mates

    You can make your home and property for rent accommodated with many improvements, done by the professional builders working in our company. They can construct a conservatory, driveway, shed and patio, offer you fence and gutter installation, paving, bathroom and kitchen fitting, home insulation. If you need any of these services or basement or loft conversion, call us and order them. Our builders will make your property attractive and more luxurious. You can rely on them to increase the value of your home and commercial property. Our services are provided every weekday and weekend in Edmonton, N9. Call us to order the services you need.

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    House Extensions Edmonton, London

    Local builders in London

    Are you planning a complicated extension project in your house but don’t know which company to entrust it to? Choose the best one! Our company has been offering professional house extension services for years, always making sure every single client is more than pleased with the results and the service itself. We are situated in Edmonton, N9, where we have worked for hundreds of people, who can recommend our agency. Our team of qualified architects, designers, handymen and other specialists will plan, carry out and complete the entire project in the most effective and flawless way. They will keep you informed throughout the process in order to make sure you are happy with every step.