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Are you wondering which company in Marylebone, W1 offers reliable and experienced builders? We don’t mean to brag but our staff are very well trained, have lots of experience and are very dependable when it comes to doing their jobs. We deal with fitting, conversions and extensions in the house, we offer a very flexible schedule that allows for clients to make an appointment whenever they can, and we make sure we understand our clients requests and ambitions well before we begin a project. You may wish to book a service today. We hope you get in touch with us soon.

Building Mates:

  • Loft Conversion and Roofing
  • House Extension Services
  • Conservatory Construction
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting
  • Home Refurbishment
  • Various Building Projects

Builders in Marylebone

Builders in action

We are excellent builders who can turn any projects into reality fast and without any unnecessary complications. We have a state-of-the-art equipment which can be used in all kinds of circumstanced for a variety of projects. Our agency’s team of professional builders is highly qualified and well-trained to cope with a variety of tasks which require special assistance. The builders that now work for us can help you with a lot of things, among which is the prompt expansion of your real estate property and its effective renovation. Place a call to the customer service operators of our agency in Marylebone, W1 and ask to reserve a procedures with our company.

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    Building Mates Marylebone, W1

    Building Mates

    If you wonder whether there is a way to freshen up the look of your home or office for reasonable amount of money, in our professional agency in Marylebone, W1 you will receive the answer. Our certified builders will give you a consultation about the work and various projects that they can do for you. Our services have excellent competitive prices which you will find to be ideal for your budget. You can trust our qualified builders because they are the only ones who can transform your real estate property without any complications for your or your family. Give them a call.

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    House Extensions Marylebone, London

    Local builders in London

    Do you need your house to become larger at least by one more room? This is always possible if you choose to work with our team and our professional house extension service. We can turn an empty space into a perfect conservatory, for instance, or we can create a room that suits your needs and desires. Our employees are qualified and experienced in construction and design and they can be completely efficient for you. What you need to do is just call us and the rest up to us. We are available in the London areas around Marylebone, W1 at anytime.