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Building Services Brompton, SW3


If you want to keep your domestic and commercial property in a great condition, use the services of our builders. They can make the refurbishments, innovations, home extensions, conversions and other building work that you might need. Whether you need roof installation, repair or replacing of tiles, flooring or plastering services, you will receive them on the best possible price, provided in Brompton, SW3. You can have your home and other property made more valuable and well maintained if you rely on our experienced builders. Call us and order the services you need and you will have them done on affordable prices.

Building Mates:

  • Loft Conversion and Roofing
  • House Extension Services
  • Conservatory Construction
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting
  • Home Refurbishment
  • Various Building Projects

Builders in Brompton

Builders in action

If you want to extend your house or property for rent and make it more valuable, you can use the professional services of our experienced builders. They can offer you the loft and basement conversion you need, creating of new buildings and constructions, many innovations which will increase your property. You can order installation of a shed, patio and conservatory. Whatever you needs and ideas are, our trustworthy builders are ready to implement them in a professional way. Our company is located in Brompton, SW3, where we provide our affordable services. We work every day in the week for our customers’ convenience.

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    Building Mates Brompton, SW3

    Building Mates

    If you want to receive the best treatment for your extension or loft conversion, you can trust the professionalism and experience of our dedicated builders. They can offer you planning and organization of your project at the most reasonable prices in Brompton, SW3. We work with customers from Monday to Sunday and we are sure that we can meet all of your expectations. Our builders are trained and supplied with the most appropriate and modern equipment that includes a wide range of instruments and machines. If you want to receive any further details, you can use our great customer support centres that work 7 days per week.

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    House Extensions Brompton, London

    Local builders in London

    Planning a house extension project is a real challenge. Use our professional house extension services and you will witness the amazing work of our experts. We offer ideal home improvement services, which are well-known and appreciated in the whole area of Brompton, SW3. We work with a team of excellent architects and interior designers, who will carry out the entire process of extension in the most effective way – from its planning to the final touch. We offer affordable prices, which everyone can easily afford. At the same time we guarantee high quality that meets the latest standards. Don’t hesitate to contact us.